Wednesday , March 29 2023

Ebola combat operations in the DRC were suspended after WHO officers attacked


It follows the bombing of a home hosting workers of the World Health Organization in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (RDC).

While the DRC is struggling for the outbreak of the 10th epidemic of Ebola, WHO supports the nine neighboring countries in strengthening surveillance and preparedness to prevent the spread of the disease. Image: @ WHOAFRO / Twitter.

PRETORY – Ebola outbreak operations in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been suspended.

It follows the expulsion of a house hosting the World Health Organization workers.

It is unclear when operations will continue because the DRC suffers the worst outbreak of deadly disease since it was first identified in 1967.

The Islamist group in Uganda, called the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), is accused of bombing World Health Organization workers in their home in Beni.

It is not clear whether the attack was specifically intended for them. Seven peacekeepers and 12 Congolese troops were killed in an exchange with ADF fighters last week.

Suspension of medical operations is likely to cause the disease, which hit more than 200 people in August, spreading to Uganda and Rwanda.

(Edited by Mihlali Ntsabo)

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