Thursday , June 1 2023

Facebook removes 30 foreign accounts and 85 Instagram accounts before US elections since mid-month


Facebook has launched a new update on the fight against mixed elections, fake news and misinformation. According to the announcement, the company is in regular contact with law enforcement agencies, other companies around the world and even "external experts".

Facebook has argued that the investigation into this issue, along with global partnerships, helped the company to remove 82 pages of its platform before October 26th. Also, the company update indicated that prompt information from law enforcement officials helped the company close several accounts that might be "related to foreign entities."

In order to provide concrete statistics on the situation, Facebook revealed that the "initial investigation" helped the company identify "about 30" accounts on Facebook and 85 accounts on Instagram. The parameter here seems to be based on "coordinated non-authentic behavior". As a result, the company has blocked all of the accounts in question and is currently investigating the accounts in detail. Facebook also mentioned that all Facebook pages associated with the 30 accounts are in Russian or French. Details about blocked Instagram accounts indicate that they are "mostly" in English with different goals.

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According to the information, some of the banned Instagram accounts focus on celebrities, while others focus on policy debates. The announcement came hours before the mid-term elections. Facebook clarified that it was not done with the investigation, but wanted the public to know that it had taken action against attempts to interfere in future elections.

Facebook said it would continue to analyze the accounts and complete the update, saying it would share more information after the investigation.

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