Saturday , May 28 2022

#FastFoodDay: How Burger King wants to change how you see your meal


The Burger King announcement made by the robots. Wikimedia Commons

South Africa has experienced a flood of international and local fast food brands in recent years and today a day to celebrate this.

#FastFoodDay is an appreciation of the fast food service industry (QSR).

The Burger King SA team wants to change the fast-food narrative and use #FastFoodDay to highlight the changes they want to see.

"We do not think of a fast food brand – we're a fast-food restaurant," says Ezelna Jones, Executive Marketing Group at Burger King SA.

"However, as a technically classified" fast food "brand, it is important to make our goal clear and to ensure that every meal our guests consume is conscious, 365 days a year."

She explains that, where possible, they use fresh and authentic ingredients from local suppliers.

"We are a South African business that works with global benchmarks and we have chosen to work only with well-respected and trustworthy South African companies to deliver the best ingredients to our restaurants." Our partners include Dew Crisp – one a leading supplier of fresh ingredients using conventional hydroponics and conventional farming techniques – and Bimbo QSR (formerly known as Bakeries East Balt). This ensures that only the crispest green lettuce, the freshest reds and the most delicate lining are served with custom made burgers. "

"We also opened the Grand Foods Meat Factory in 2015 to ensure that each piece produced is 100% quality beef without GMOs, artificial dyes, ingredients and preservatives that are then grilled to perfection ".

"Everything we do is make sure we're more than" fast food "- we want our guests to know they can always trust BURGER KING® for delicious and fresh tasting meals," Jones concludes.

So go there and celebrate #FastFoodDay, but try to do it in a healthy way!

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