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Malema claims that Gordhan has an offshore bank account with a balance of over 660 million in illicit revenue


IMF leader Julius Malema claims that Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan holds an illegal bank account in Canada, which has a larger balance of R665m. The EFF leader says that funds are the proceeds of favors.

This information is carried out in an EFF Task Force detailing five charges against Gordhan and two other allegations against his daughter, Anisha Gordhan.

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Malema, accompanied by EFF Deputy Chairman Floyd Shivambu and EFF Secretary-General Godrich Gardee, opened these files against Gordhan and his daughter at Brooklyn Police Station in Pretoria East on Tuesday.

According to the FEP, where Gordhan is labeled as accused, the cases refer to the South African Income Service (SARS) irregular state, state capture, perjury and Canadian bank account.

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Infringement of the Information Act – this statement refers to the formation of the SARS rogue unit between 1999 and 2014.

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Counterfeiting of the Law on Preventing and Combating Corruption – This statement refers to the state's capture and the alleged failure of Gordhan to report corrupt activities.

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Racketeering and / or money laundering – this refers to the bank account held in Canada.

According to the document, the account is held at Royal Bank of Canada, the account holder is Gordhan, and the account balance is 48 756 292 or R675 717 205.

"He ordered the various taxpayers to deposit large sums of money into that account in exchange for favors, which was to the detriment of the public and the public in South Africa," read the document.

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Fraud – EFF claims that Gordhan committed fraudulent and intentional fraud in connection with charge 3.

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The oath – the document claims that Gordhan lied under oath in connection with meetings with Gupta, with his financial transactions in Canada and the illegal activities of his daughter.

With regard to Gordhan's daughter, Malema has filed two charges, one for fraud and one for corruption, both related to her work with Investec.


In the document, Malema claims that evidence will be provided to investigative officers.

Evidence includes the Sikhakhane report, bank details, confidential statements of key witnesses, Gordhan's statement to the Zondo commission, and transcript of Gordhan's testimony to the commission.

The EFF document lists Malema as a complainant.

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Talking with a lot of EFF supporters outside the police station, Malema said that all the evidence was provided to the police and that if the police were to guarantee damages, they would make available a list of people who would testify that they had deposited money with the bank Canadian in exchange for the favors of Gordhan.

"We gave police evidence of the crimes committed by Pravin from 1999 to 2014," Malema said.

He added that the account was created while Gordhan was in SARS.

Malema also questioned why Gordhan opened Monday, again, Malema and Shivambu criminal cases on criminal and criminal defamation.

"Pravin came to open a case here, why he opened a case of civil claims, because civil claims do not open a case, just write a letter from lawyers and tell Malema:" Retire what you said and apologize otherwise to me sue 150 (sic), "the EFF leader told the crowd.

"Now he comes here to disturb the police doing a great job here by bringing unnecessary accusations, which does not mean anything."

Gordhan rejects allegations as false news and lies

In a statement released Tuesday by the Department of Public Enterprises, Gordhan struck back to Malema, rejecting all allegations against him as unreasonable lies, false news, and manufacturing.

Gordhan also said that the actions of the EFF and its leaders were "flagrant" abuse of the criminal justice system.

Gordhan denied having a bank account in Canada. He also denied the allegations made by EFF when he appeared last week in front of the state commission's investigative commission.

"It's just their latest attack against continued efforts to combat corruption and theft in state-owned companies and other public institutions," the statement said.

"The facts are: before the Zondo commission of inquiry last week and oath, Minister Gordhan denied having a bank account in Canada, also explaining that his daughter did not get any financial benefit from the government, nor did she no business with a state organ. "

"Today's EFF leadership actions are distraction policies: corruption is the real enemy in South Africa, which should ask those who launch these attacks:" What you are hiding and why you are so desperate to distract yourself the public? & # 39; "

The statement added that the content of the "levy" or "charge" was false, defamatory and malicious, and was publicly disseminated with the specific purpose of causing harm to the reputation and integrity of Gordhan and his family.

"Minister Gordhan and his family reserve the right to take civil action for damages resulting from these malevolent and defamatory accusations," the statement said.

Gordhan's accusations against Malema

On Monday, Gordhan filed two charges against Malema at the same police station after the politician verbally attacked him last week outside the place where the minister testified before the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture.

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At that time, he called Gordhan "corrupt," "a white monopoly dog" and claimed that Gordhan hated the blacks.

The minister also indicated on Monday he would file a complaint against Malema and Shivambu at the Equality Court.

He said the statements of the two leaders of the EFF were clearly intended to be injured, provoke harm and promote hatred, thus constituting a hate speech, as provided by the Equality Law.

Gordhan's lawyer, Tebogo Malatji, told the press that the Minister had asked for unconditional excuses and damages in the amount of R150,000 to be jointly and severally ordered by the tribunal against Malema and of Shivambu.

If it succeeded, the claimed damages would be donated to a charitable organization that supported job creation for young unemployed.

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