Wednesday , May 31 2023

Matrix 2020: Now 120 markers in the Eastern Cape test are positive for Covid-19


120 test markers tested positive for Covid-19.

120 test markers tested positive for Covid-19.

  • 120 matrix markers tested positive for Covid-19 in the Eastern Cape.
  • More than 1,600 markers withdrew before the start date.
  • The Department of Basic Education says marking centers should not become super-widespread Covid-19 sites.

A total of 120 markers for the Eastern Cape matrix exam tested positive for Covid-19 after reporting for service.

The Department of Basic Education said on Friday that in the first week of grading the matrix exam papers, 171 markers tested positive for the virus after reporting for service. Most of them – 120 – were in the Eastern Cape. The province has 5,323 markers.

The head of the basic education department, Mthanzima Mweli, said that the 120 gave positive results at the gates of the marking center.

Western Cape is the only province that has not reported any positive cases to their centers. Mpumalanga had nine and Gauteng six. The North West, Limpopo and Northern Cape each had three positive cases. KwaZulu-Natal had four.


“Covid-19 has added an extra dimension to the label as we know it, now the focus is on safety before we focus on the quality of the label. We can’t afford to have label centers as supervailants of coronavirus and that’s the message which we pass on to colleagues from all marking centers, “Mweli said.

He said nationwide, 1,682 markers withdrew before the start date. Gauteng recorded the highest number of withdrawals at 827, followed by the Western Cape at 298. In the northwest, 157 markers withdrew and 100 in the Eastern Cape.

“Approximately 1,700 markers from the nine provincial education departments – which account for about 3.6% of the appointed markers – declined their appointments, but the provincial education department has a set of reserve markers [sic] have already been used to replace markers. If provincial education departments choose not to replace markers, they could extend the mark by up to 18 days. “

He said the department is pleased with the progress in the first week. The marking of the 14 million scenarios must be completed on January 22, and the matrix results will be released on February 23.

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