Monday , March 20 2023

Minister Tito Mboweni will host a Q & A at 11:00


CAPE TOWN – South Africa took the opportunity to flood Twitter with questions for Finance Minister Tito Mboweni.

This was after the minister announced he would host a live Q & A on Twitter this morning at 11:00.
You can watch the live question session on the Business Report.

Mboweni said the main topic would be the South African economy.

On Friday, YES killed Tito Mboweni for what they called Twitter's "melting".

This was after Mboweni posted a series of Twitter messages.

Mboweni, who faces opposition to continuing the government's rescue for South African Airways since taking office as finance minister last month, has written some coded messages about wars and collateral damage, suggesting media involvement in "war."

"The war begins in different ways: spears and shields, gunpowder, bullets, and now by media: printed and electronic (for example, commercial wars by a superpower president) and then the social media must be, we will be forced to fight, WAR! "he wrote.

"Many people may not know that, I'm a product of the warrior commanders of the powerful Zulu army on the north of KZN, eNgwavuma, we are not afraid of anything! We die only with spears on our chest NOT behind our Mayihlome! the fire does NOT run away from him. The time to be gentle is OVER, the line was drawn on the sand, so far and no further.

David Maynier, the spokesman for the MA for Finance, said Mboweni had to catch up and look like a finance minister in South Africa.

"Tito Mboweni's discovery is supposed to be related to the humiliating" humiliator "report following his closing call to South African Airways. His attack on publishers for their reporting, which is the result of deep divisions within the ruling party, was a mistake, "Maynier said.

"The truth is that Tito Mboweni must catch up and behave as a finance minister who is in fact able to cope with the economic crisis in South Africa.

"A good place to start would be for him to stop tweeting and start concentrating on the 9.75 million people who do not have jobs or who have quit looking for jobs in South Africa."

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