Wednesday , September 28 2022

Mourinho goes to Aguero in Man City


Manchester – Manchester United administrator Jose Mourinho made a veil blow Manchester city star Sergio Aguero before the Sunday Derby Showdown at the Etihad Stadium.

Mourinho said about Aguero that "in his play there are little things, I'm not a fan," though he refused to elaborate more when asked.

Aguero, the city's outstanding leader, was criticized by Mourinho after a 0-0 draw with United at Etihad in April 2017.

Tuesday midfielder Marouane Fellaini was eliminated for a head shot in Argentina, and Mourinho suggested that the striker's reaction was extremely dramatic.

"I saw Aguero in the tunnel, but there was not a broken nose, no broken head, (and) his face is beautiful as always," Mourinho said at the time.

Mourinho was quick to pay tribute to Aguero's qualities as a scorer before United's last clash with rival City but fell with a strong clue that he believed there was a dark part of the game.

"I'm only afraid when I play against him, I admire him for his fantastic qualities," Mourinho said.

"In his game there are few things I am not a big fan, but the numbers speak for themselves, the number of goals I score.

"It's not about a season's score, it's about marking the goals in your career, but about putting goals in a different league, like the Spanish league, obviously a hole in the world."

Asked what it was about Aguero that he was not his fan, Mourinho replied: "I keep this for myself."

Meanwhile, the American manager did what seemed to be a reference to the city's spending when discussing his own reconstruction team at Old Trafford.

Mourinho spent about € 370 million on players from his arrival to United in May 2016, while Pep Guardiola's manager is supposed to have spent about 485 million euros over the same period.

United spent much in the central defense, midfield and attack during Mourinho's reign, although the manager chose to focus on full positions, an area where the city invested heavily in the summer of 2017 when they signed Kyle Walker, Benjamin Mendy Danilo.

Mourinho cited the example of Luke Shaw, a player who is now a regular player in the usual part after a long spell struggling for form as an example of his ability to develop players in his books instead of sinking into the market transfers for their replacement.

"If I need a full-back and I buy four, it's easier," Mourinho said.

"If I need a full-back because I'm not happy with Luke Shaw's level, the easiest is to buy four, some clubs to buy four."

The city bought only three players completely under Guardiola, but no other Premier League club has spent as much money in that position in the last three years, suggesting that they were the target of Mourinho's comments.

"I did not buy a left-back for three years. We wanted and worked for Luke Shaw to be that left-back, but during this trial I played Matteo Darmian, I played Ashley Young, I played Marcos Rojo" said.

"I did not buy four, it is a difference, to buy four, you only need research and money.

United entered the Sunday derby winning three consecutive games, reducing the words about a crisis that, in a single stage at the beginning of October, seemed to cost Mourinho the job.

Former Chelsea chief says he was talking about problems at Old Trafford comes with the territory to lead such a prestigious club.

"It's Manchester United's fault. When I say the blame, I mean for good reasons," he said.

"The history of the club makes a defeat a crisis. It's history, prestige."

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