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Oko-crack and incest in Imo


As he watched his feudal aspiration in Imo, Rochas Okorocha seems to read the history of the Igbo with his head down. Several decades after Imperialist chiefs of command failed in the country of Igbo, how pathetic Governor Imo still believed could mark an expired talisman and get another result.

The British assumed they were smart then. Since the Igbo was largely republican and therefore not fit for a mild colonial predisposition, they resorted to assembling local walls and looting them in royalties to rule over their communities. The people, in their turn, first chose to amuse, watching the elderly adapt their borrowed clothes, revolting only after they were asked to pay taxes to the white man.

Armageddon would have been released to places like Aba, where women tumbled in 1929.

As well as the head of the supreme command of the old, Okorocha sought to abolish democracy in Imo and raise a counterfeit monarchy. Until his slim amulet did not give him to the primary mayoralties of the APC government in Imo.

Even among tourists, a code of conduct – even honor – is still awaited. In the case of the Igwe House of the Douglas House in Owerri, the problem is that he tried to take too much for the owner not to notice.

If Okorocha had been in the mayor, the crowning of his son-in-law and current head of the Uche Nwosu as a possible successor in 2019 could only have meant a climax for the orgy of the worst political incest imaginable; one done without shame or with the shadow of consciousness.

Until the crackers crushed, Nwosu, in turn, began to act. Whenever the beatings beat him or beat him nearby, he dragged himself back to the big father for a nose wipe. He still dresses like his brother-in-law. He circumvents him everywhere and mimics his idiosyncrasies. Perhaps, what remains to totally resemble the great Owelle is for him to grow and pot belly.

Of course, Nwosu's candidacy would also mean Okorocha's daughter, who could take over from her mother, Imo First Lady. Given that the governor gave the Orlu baccalaureate in advance as part of the "pension package" next year, and his wife moved to Abuja as a member of the Reps House, except that she was already the queen's mother in Imo. (Speculation had made that another Okorocha clan had been rooted like a Nwosu teammate!)

Already, an Imo meeting minister (Prof. Anthony Anwukah) is the father-in-law of Okorocha's second daughter, who in turn represents Imo in the council of a federal college of education. Igwe's younger sister is the deputy head of state and doubles as the Commissioner of Happiness. His son is the APC candidate at the House of Assembly in Ideato. Her biggest sister is said to manage all the markets for the government, while the bigger brother deals with car parks. Another brother controls the sand dredging in the state.

Never in the history of the ignorant nation, irrespective of the Igbo country, a feudal enterprise was so vast and bold.

So, now you probably only need Suharto's lid from Okorocha, the fake smile and the sash goose to create the new perfect portrait of political greed.

By the way, credit for making the word "Oko-croak" really belongs to a literary deity of Nigerian origin in a complaint expressed in a privileged circle when the last chapter of Okorocha's long circle was opened.

In one of the previous two-part series, you really have really expressed a magic charm puzzle, Okorocha invoked to hypnotize Imo people – some of whom are considered to be masters of giants in Igbo history – in Slavic obedience. Added to this is the obscenity of the appointment of not a few public buildings built by Okorocha after Okorochas.

A spectacle has become more pathetic, further observed, by the "lack of sophistication in search of a purely personal business transaction to the detriment of Imo taxpayers as something made to take advantage of the public."

In the other piece, one added: "The big puzzle is the reason why all the elderly politicians in his party seem to force him to conspire with silence as he slips from one sacrilege to another. What else if not contempt for the inhabitants from the urban environment, would have made the proverbial bushman walk in the city on his thighs.

To this is added the infamy of raising statues without discrimination for those classified as heroes / heroines by the questionable standards of Okorocha. Or people who are involved in business with him or those seen as potentially useful in any direction may want to spread their commercial tentative later.

Not surprisingly, one of those who have been regarded as such is Jacob Zuma, who has since been deposed as president in South Africa because of the monumental bloody.

What has made it even more ridiculous – if not treacherous – is that hundreds of millions of Naira were shattered on so obscene statues, and the ceremony of unveiling workers at one point was due to huge salary delays, and the checks issued by retirees revolved all over Imo.

So, in the last seven and a half years, Okorocha could not think of a better finish than succumbing to his son-in-law, after he had subjected the accelerated "heart" of the Southeast to such a racket of unscrupulous privatization.

But Igwe underestimated the torment of the so-called Allied Forces. They understood the power of ambush and surprise. Through a fantasy and the pooling of their forces, they eventually managed to pull Igwe, scary, to the party ticket. Unfortunately, the huge dollar war could not save Okorocha. (Someone said he was offered a $ 2 million bribe to prepare his town halls, but chose to vote for his conscience.)

Now, with his imaginary fantasy castle, quickly transforming a mirage, a miracle of biblical proportions will be needed if Okorocha does not have to depend solely on the overdosage of sedation to fight insomnia for the rest of his Douglas house.

His possible anxiety would not be hard to locate. Having denied the pleasure of choosing his successor, Okorocha must now face the worst nightmare of an uncertain, outgoing governor – the possibility – if not safe – of a hostile takeover. Will not the contract book be reviewed? Will the unmarked tombs and hidden skeletons discovered with malicious joy be uncovered and excavated?

Back in 2011, Okorocha had just waited to be sworn before exerting his power. Long before the inauguration day, not a few banks received letters of threat from the "Waiting Governor's Office" against the honoring of the checks issued by the then governor.

Now, the opponents seem to be too anxious to allow the election to stop before the Okorocha's feet are pulled. One of the opposition candidates has clearly adopted the slogan "Recovery mission"As Darko indicates a plot against the" rescue mission "of Okorocha, he took a step further by announcing a" warning officer "on all transactions made by the current administration, with particular reference to land transactions or the disposal of government assets.

Meanwhile, Okorocha, who preaches justice and justice outside, has continued to practice evil and impunity at home. Okorocha, who seriously shifted his serum in contempt of the orders of the court over Deputy Governor (Eze Madumere), is also on the roof today, without shame, without being ashamed, documents from the court that claims to restrict the national leadership to exclude Nwosu's candidacy.

But without a quorum and against an existing court order, Okorocha's own faction in the state assembly said the deputy governor (Eze Madumere) was imposed in July for nothing more than a temerity to look at the seat reserved for the son-in-law his boss.

Remember the futility of exercise in the eyes of the law, strange Igwe thought he could overcome justice. Until the law came to save the DG, it seemed to have calculated, the mandate would have disappeared, thus making the whole exercise a simple academic exercise.

But in a rare distribution of poetic justice, the law grew redemption for DG a few weeks ago by eliminating the kangaroo impeachment in Okorocha and by rebuilding Madumere in office. Never guilty, Igwe responded by inventing new ways to beat the law. According to the reports, the staff and the security team attached to the DG's office have been posted. So technically, this office is now eliminated! But Prince Owerri is free to appear as DG, if that makes him happy.

Obviously, Karma has now reached the Imo gate.

Unfortunately, the recognition of historical crimes by IBB?

Attached all these years by the ghost of June 12, Maradona's art in Minna would now seem determined to enter the amnesty of the nation. So, while the public seems to have been fixed lately in the controversy of President Muhammad Buhari's certificate, General Ibrahim Babangida chose to sing curiously the poetry for Chief Arthur Nzeribe at the end of the week of his 80th anniversary it.

And what adjectives superlatives had previously made to the stately military president, which does not take place in the maverick politician's praise. Samples: "Since our paths have gone decades ago, you have remained a reliable ally" … "You still stretch your hands of fellowship, The beauty of true friendship takes care of your heart" … "A man with a different attitude, Nigerian with another orientation, whose understanding of the human mind gives you an advantage. "

For millenarians (Nigerians under 30) Babungida's fulminations may not resonate too much. The most impressed of them could actually be tempted to consider him for a junior literary prize for a lightly audible nursery rhythm there.

But certainly not with the older generation of Nigerians who are aware of politics or were old enough to discern the important events that defined the country in the 90s, beginning with the culmination of its fake transition Babangida and appearing in the June 12 crisis.

One, the older people could not forget the leprous organization called the Association for Better Nigeria (ABN) led by Arthur Nzeribe. This was the umbrella group – a special purpose vehicle (SPV) – which was used to undermine the political process, set the cat among the pigeons, and obtain black market judgments in order to prevent the election victory of the MKO Abiola 1993.

Of course, even though the sharker was quite obvious then, Babangida and his cult of dismembers continued to publicly denounce the group until its shame on August 27, 1993.

A coward, the general simply did not have the balls to come out directly and tell the nation he was interested in transmitting to a civilian president, rather than establishing Nigeria on a transition program that almost broke the nation.

With this Freud the slogan of the Nzeribe term "a reliable ally," Babangida simply confirmed by mistake what many knew over the years: Nzeribe was his collaborator in eliminating the desires and aspirations of 14 million Nigerians who voted on June 12, 1993.


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