Saturday , August 13 2022

PRESENTATION: Remusura Ramaphosa: Who is in Cyril's new office


New Cabinet, same ANC

by Mmusi Maimane – leader of the Democratic Alliance

YES remarked the reshuffle of President Ramaphos's Cabinet. While welcoming his commitment to make the cabinet more capable, his announcement is the second time missed in nine months to trigger delinquent ministers such as Bathabile Dlamini and Nomvula Mokonyane.

It was also a missed opportunity to diminish the size of this bloated executive, as we called it to do, and argue that it is entirely possible for a more efficient Executive to operate with about 15 ministries.

The merger of telecommunications services, postal services and communications into a single ministry and recycling Siyabonga Cwele on Domestic Affairs does nothing to achieve this and is little more than a reshuffle of dead wood.

Bathing Dlamini deserves to be fired "

The action in court for DA to fire Dlamini is ongoing. However, today is the extended term for the President to submit his proposal to oppose this request, and his incapacity to shoot Dlamini is all the answer we need.

Bathabile Dlamini brought the system of social grants in the country to the brink of collapse and played Russian roulette with the welfare of 17 million South Africans. She is a Zupta employee, whom the Constitutional Court said "was negligent and seriously negligent" in dealing with the SASSA crisis and compelled it to pay the costs.

The court also found "very strong evidence" that Dlamini had given false testimony and recommended that NPA investigate allegations of perjury against her. It is inconceivable that such a person can hold an executive office in any constitutional democracy.

Bathami Dlamini deserves to be fired, and President Ramaphosa's failure to do so suggests that he sustains his conduct.

Dlamini's delinquency is closely followed by the former Minister of Water and Sanitation and Communications, now the Environment Affairs Minister, Nomvula Mokonyane, who destroyed the Department of Water and Sanitation.

That department remains effectively paralyzed by corruption, incompetence and maladministration. She chose Dudu Myeni to drive the Mhlathuze and Umgeni water tiles, proving her reliability as a Zupta employee, so she is now in Environmental Affairs defying reasoning.

"This reshuffle of the cabinet is not a real change"

A "New Day" can not be built on the same liars and loyalists of Zupta who helped keep Jacob Zuma in power and in jail. Dlamini and Mokonyane watches have to end, and President Ramaphosa has failed to put an end to it.

This reshuffle of the cabinet is not a real change. The decks have simply been reshuffled to please those inside the ANC.

Ramaphosa said he was NAC president before being president of the Republic. The people of South Africa will always come lately, as long as the NAC is in government.

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