Tuesday , January 31 2023

Question Pogba – Foot and Ball


The Premier League is considered by many to be the best league in the world in soccer games, but to continue, it must host the best players on the planet. You can claim that Ronaldo and Messi who play in Serie A and La Liga make sure they are "big dogs" so to speak, but as far as the bigger picture is concerned, there are many big stars living in English football – with one of the largest being Paul Pogba.

Last night it happened something quite important because Manchester United came back to record a surprise victory over Juventus. While a game may not seem essential in the eyes of many, the bottom line is the following: Juve wants to bring Paul Pogba back to the club and their incentive seems to be that they will challenge in European football. We do not suggest that I can not have a blip on the road, but this almost certainly was not in the script and could be an eye-opener for Pogba.

There is a reason why he joined United a few years ago and there is a reason why he did not pledge to leave yet. Even if I go through hard times, he understands that there is a bigger picture he has to think and it is not worth throwing this away from a spit with Jose Mourinho.

The Premier League is developing on world-class stars doing what they do best every year, and with someone like Pogba it's vital for United to do whatever it takes to keep him.

Over the years, at the highest level of the game, do you think Paul Pogba was as good as he is now?

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