Tuesday , August 3 2021

Red Dead Online Beta mode launches with a limited version of Battle Royale

The Beta version of Red Dead Online was released on November 27th for those who bought the Ultimate version.

The explosion in Battle Royales' popularity, such as Battlegrounds Fortnite and PlayerNews, has led to rumors that developers will include a version of Red Dead Online, very anticipated.

The game has a limited version of a Battle Royale mode called How to do it Count, which allows up to 32 players, while Fortnite and PUBG max to about 100.

It's not clear how long the game will remain in the Beta or if more features are added over time.

The Beta version of the game contains a long-lasting tutorial that needs to be filled in before players can access the open world map. Players can expect to spend about an hour to deal with the game.

The release of Red Dead Online's beta version was in no way prepared by Rockstar, so the game information is limited to what was won by the players in the first few hours of the game.

The map used in the world seems to be the same as the Red Dead Redemption II.

Anyone who bought the regular release of the game will be able to access the Beta version of Red Dead Online on November 28th.

The Rockstar Game Statement about Red Dead Online Beta reads: "Built from the ground for the latest hardware, Red Dead Online combines the classic multiplayer of the original Red Dead Redemption with the best of everything I've ever learned about creating deep multiplayer experiences. The result is something completely new and fun and an experience that will continue to expand and develop over time.

"With Red Dead 2 playing as a foundation, Red Dead Online turns Red Dead Redemption 2 landscapes, cities, cities and habitats into a new and living online world, ready to be shared by many players." Create and personalize the character, customize your skills according to your playing style and go out into a new frontier full of living things.

"Explore the world of solo or friends, or join a posse to go with seven players, squeeze around camp fire, go hunting or fishing, visit lively cities, fight against enemy gangs and attack hide treasure hunt, take missions and interact with familiar characters from the five states, or fight against other bandits, both in spontaneous battles and in battle battles, to compete with other players or entire poses in the challenges of the open world and much more.

"The release of the Red Dead Online Beta is the first step in what will be a growing and dynamic world, and the beta will allow us to cope with the inevitable turmoil of launching any online experience of this magnitude and magnitude.

"During this process, we will look for a dedicated community that will help us to report and fix issues, share ideas, and help shape the future of the whole online experience. As in all our versions, we will strive to launch Red Dead Online as much as possible and ask the community to share that spirit with us in the coming weeks and months. "

The first videos of the online gaming list are shown below.

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