Friday , September 30 2022

Remove the movie "Casper": Watch Rapper Cruise Through Space


its take-off solo career has been a bundle of action so far. Since giving up his solo debut album (The last rocket), Migo undervalued appeared Today's event to sing her song "Last Memory" and become a meme after him Carpool Karaoke performance has become viral. Today (November 27), Takeoff keeps his leg on proverbial gas, abandoning a new space-centered video for "Casper," one of the best tracks in his new LP.

In the movie, Takeoff becomes an astronaut and literally bursts into space for a ratcheting space adventure. After entering the orbit, the quality control rapper headed for the Moon and made himself home with a model trio of aliens and a Rolls-Royce Wraith alias Casper White. After floating on the planet with rocket shoes, Takeoff returns to Earth to face an army of scientists in a shirt with long orange sleeves and black jeans, broken.

The discovery of Takeoff's new video is in line with the theme of the outer space for The last rocket. Last week, the rapper delivered a live interpretation of "Last Memory" as he played it Today's show with Jimmy Fallon. As the mist surrounded him on the stage, Takeoff ran down the track, while a giant screen behind him counted a countdown on the rocket. Once the countdown has reached zero, the set exploded in a star galaxy that matches the rapper's extrauterine aesthetics.

Check out the new Takeoff video for you below.

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