Friday , January 27 2023

Spotify Car View now makes it easier to control your music while driving


Spotify has launched a new way of viewing the car, which allows you to access your music more easily and safely behind the wheel. The feature turns on automatically when the app detects that you are connected to a Bluetooth connection in the car.

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The Spotify Car View then adjusts track info, buttons, and other application features to make it more accessible and easier to access. The biggest change is the art of the album that disappeared while the mode is active. This gives the screen more space to include the necessary buttons that are needed to control your music.

Spotify Car View

You can disable the feature in settings if you prefer not to have it, but the idea is to lead and change songs and access other information much easier and safer. You can also manually enable the feature in settings if your application does not detect and does not do it for you. This helps if you connect your phone via an AUX cable instead of Bluetooth.

Right now it seems that this feature is running slowly and is available on Android for the first time. If you do not, make sure to update the app or turn it on for it to be available for your device. IOS devices will most likely get this feature over the next few weeks.

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