Tuesday , June 28 2022

Take-Two Interactiv renounces a trademark for an unlicensed agent


So stealth that never came out of the shadows

I remember someone announcing Rockstar Games Agent, back in 2009? Hell, does anyone remind you of 2009? The world of video games has certainly taken a rhythm since then. Irrespective of this, Take-Two Interactive, editor for many Rockstar titles, has abandoned the trademark for the unknown release.

Originally expected to be a form of thrilling adventure of stealth, Agent has not become anything more than a logo because Rockstar Games has focused on other titles such as Red Dead Redemption, L. A. Noire and Max Payne 3. The trademark has been renewed several times, but has been revised on November 19 this year without any extension.

As such, everything that remains – and will remain – remains Agent is that original logo and the art of the supposed concept. Shame, as I imagine a 1970s conspiracy thriller from the Rockstar team, would have turned out to be an interesting title.

Commercial Agent has not been extended by Take Two [Patent Office]

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