Tuesday , June 28 2022

The Constitutional Court rejects Tom Moyane's request


JOHANNESBURG – The Constitutional Court has rejected Commissioner Moyane's request to review and cancel the decision to set up the Nugent Commission of Inquiry.

In its ruling Monday, the Constitutional Court declared that Moyane failed to establish grounds for engaging the exclusive jurisdiction of the court.

The Court has stated that no basis has been established to allow direct access, since it has other available channels.

Moyane appealed to the Constitutional Court after President Cyril Ramaphosa accepted the recommendations made by Nugent's inquiry to push him to restore stability to the revenue collector who is struggling.

In his appeal, Moyane was supported by former President Jacob Zuma, who stated in a written statement that he never intended the Sars Commission to deal with employment or employee employment issues individual.

Former Sarsan commissioner denied any wrongdoing and was considered the most successful Sars Commissioner in the democratic history of the country.

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