Tuesday , June 28 2022

The Ferrari 488 Spider was destroyed outside the Houghton Golf Course


Image: Twitter via Reza (@crimeairnetwork).

Johannesburg – It's never a pleasure to see a ruined car, but when it happens to be an exotic dream like that, it becomes a more painful vision for those who are convinced of oil.

This was the fate of a red Ferrari 488 Spider in the weekend, as we see in these pictures posted on Twitter by Reza (@crimeairnetwork).

According to the account, the driver "supposedly" lost control of the vehicle at high speed outside the Johannesburg Houghton Golf Club.

The impact hit much of Ferrari's front end, but fortunately no human injuries were reported, the passenger compartment remained intact and stable during the impact.

However, it will be an expensive bet. The 488 Spider, which was launched in South Africa in May 2016, is currently trading at R5.8 million.

The open-top supercar is propelled by a 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 engine that produces 492kW and 760Nm, enough to get the prancing horse from 0-100km / h in just three seconds and from 200km / h in only 8 , 7s, according to the company's claims, while the maximum speed is listed at 325 km / h.

To keep the weight down, the machine is a combination of expensive and light materials, including 11 different types of aluminum alloys, some combined with other metals such as magnesium.

As one might expect, Social Media judges and lawyers have had a field day with it, posting comments such as:

"I'm sure you will polish …"

"More money than skill …"

"I hope it's not at Momentum"

– Too many horses for the untreated foot!

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