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The quality of life Gauteng increases, despite the deepening inequality News | National


Despite the very difficult economic conditions, the overall quality of life in Gauteng continues to improve.

This is in line with the study by the Gauteng-Region Observatory (GCRO). The quality of life survey measures both the objective circumstances and the subjective opinions of the respondents.

GCRO has been conducting its investigation every two years since 2009, and this year has interviewed 24,889 people across the Gauteng region.

There have been many positive feelings around social dynamics, including an increase in community confidence and family dynamics.

"When we talk about quality of life, we're not just talking about material well-being, but about how people feel about their families, their relationships, their communities, and so on," said Julia de Kadt, a senior researcher in the project.

De Kadt added that the survey found a lot of socially positive response, saying: "Some areas where we saw a special improvement are around family, community and welfare."

It gives a global score of 10, 0 representing the lowest quality of life.
The score for the province is 6.3 out of 10, up from 6.2 in 2015/16.
Figures in the index show that white respondents see higher earnings in terms of quality of life measured, however, black people are still behind.

GCRO is a partnership between the Gauteng Province Government, the University of Johannesburg, the Witwatersrand University, and the Gauteng Local Government (SALGA-Gauteng).

The study found, however, that although there is an increase in average quality of life, growth for the white population is higher than that of the black population.

"While the overall improvement in measured quality of life is encouraging, this disparity demonstrates the high levels of inequality that continue to affect Gauteng," said Dr. Rob Moore, GCRO Chief Executive Officer.

In particular, peri-urban areas and informal settlements have shown decreasing dissatisfaction with the level of access to municipal and government-wide services.

One of the most unpleasant areas is the city of Emfuleni, which includes Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging. Only 19% of respondents are satisfied with local government. Emfuleni's inhabitants also show the most dissatisfaction with the provincial local government, 64% being dissatisfied.

Crime is mentioned by 32% of respondents, and 18% unemployment is the biggest community problem, both of which have increased in recent years. The study also found that 12% of respondents said that drugs were the biggest problem in their community. "Another 4% said alcohol abuse and 1% said these gangs were significant issues.

"The issue of the highly prominent drugs and when you look at the population, for colorful respondents, drugs are the biggest biggest community problem that is mentioned," said Kadt.

Dr. Moore said that while service delivery has deteriorated significantly in some municipalities, it has improved in others.

"Our results show that, from large cities, Ekurhuleni (City) is doing well and Johannesburg has marginally improved in many service areas," said Dr. Moore.

"Smaller municipalities, such as Lesedi and Midvaal, are also rising since the last study in 2015/16, but Emfuleni has seen significant decreases in waste collection and satisfaction with that municipality is declining. also seems to be fighting in a number of areas. "

The launching of the survey was attended by Prime Minister Gauteng, David Makhura, who also responded to the results. He says the "Quality of Life" study is the matricious results of the government.

"I am happy that in a province as complex as ours, with so many immigrants, we support global quality," Makhura said. However, he added that, with regard to the issue of crime and drugs, he engaged himself with the police minister and the national commissioner.

"We need an extensive intervention in Gauteng." Westbury's intervention, I want to see this everywhere in Gauteng, I want high-caliber officers and very motivated.

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