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"Widows" is the definitive film from Heist in 2018 | Arts


Viola Davis and Cynthia Erivo play in the "Widow" (2018).

The film film genre is often defined by the fulfillment of the desire. Movies like "Now see me," "Inception," and "Ocean 11" have helped establish the standard for the contemporary caper: The Extremely Charismatic Protagonist, smarter than ever, could ever venture out of emotion with a remarkable play, humor and an adventurous persistent tone. It would seem that one of Steve McQueen's main goals with Widows is deconstruction of heist, from the expected narrative conventions to the degree of social relevance that such films can keep.

The initial premise of the film is sold and committed: it sees the widows of four high-level thieves forced to complete their husbands' final job after being killed in action. However, in the development of the holder's widows, the film really shines. Viola Davis plays Veronica Rawlins, the widow who comes with the idea of ​​raping five million dollars on her husband and becomes the de facto head of the group of women working to get her off. As is often the case, Davis offers a fake and nuanced performance: It completely presents the pain of a woman who has been financially and emotionally compromised by her husband's loss and the unimaginable cost of realizing the plans of her late partner. And this should not emphasize the work of other top women in the film, including Michelle Rodriguez's stoic and layered interpretation as Linda Perelli and a realistic look at the woman injured by Alice Gunner, Elizabeth Debicki. The first-ever opera from all-star casting enriches the movie from the start.

"Widow" is not just a strange movie – it's a heist film made distinct for the modern audience. Although this statement may seem obvious, it is still an important distinction to make. "Widows" take into account the problems faced by American citizens today: racial tension, police brutality and sexism are underlined and profoundly illustrated. McQueen refuses to indulge in escaping fantasies promoted by previous terrorists. The "ocean" franchise could be the most extraordinary example of this, while offering an autumn caper ruled earlier this year. "Ocean's 8", with Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway, opened in June last year in a box office (nearly $ 300 million worldwide), but reviews from critics , many criticizing the lack of stakes, the incongruent tone generally unrealistic narrative. "The widows," despite the same year's release, act as a kind of reaction piece: McQueen adds more depth to his film, presenting her first as a character influencing the study, and a second hell thriller.

McQueen's directorial hand also takes the shot effortlessly, offering a shot after shooting that elevates otherwise worldly scenes. Such a situation happens after Jack Mulligan, a disturbing local politician on the campaign's path, who is the heist's target, angrily feeds with his secretary after being grilled by a reporter during a stop at a community with low incomes. While he is constantly throwing himself on the reporter and the neighborhood, while driving home, McQueen chooses not to describe the real conversation. Instead, McQueen shot his car outside the car and focused on the neighborhood in question, showing a slow, consistent shot of the district and its gradual gentrification when it reached Mulligan's home. This cross-directional choice immediately offers two ways to interpret the scene: the present conversation and the neighborhood as it exists.

The variety of twist and transformation films similarly maintains a consistent involvement of the audience. The script, co-written by McQueen and writer "Gone Girl" Gillian Flynn, is tireless in his efforts to undermine the audience's expectations. The marketing of the film, for example, causes viewers to assume the four widows dealing with Davis, Rodriguez, Debicki and Cynthia Erivo, the top actresses. It is clear that this is the first subversion of the film, with the fourth widow actually played by Carrie Coon. Belle's character from Erivo is actually a single mother who works as a babysitter for Linda's children, not a titular widow. So, what is the role of the fourth widow? And how does Erivo fit into the broader narrative? You will have to check the movie to find out.

Steve McQueen "Widows" is an exercise of denial in all the best ways. He denies the audience the escapist fantasy they have come to expect from rape movies. He denies viewers the preconceived notions of his film, especially through various upheavals. In essence, he denies that there is a conventional way for rape movies by placing a whole new film entirely. With strong performance, innovative direction and unwavering social commentary, "Widows" position itself as a definitive film in 2018.

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