Saturday , May 28 2022

YES calls for the investigation of the Ramaphosa family, the Bosase relationship


DA leader, Mmusi Maimane, has called for a full investigation into the relationship between Bosasa and the Ramaphosa family.

"This investigation should cover all payments made to any member of the Bosassa Ramaphosa family and global African operations. [It should also] covers the business relationship between Bosa and the son of President Cyril Ramaphosa, "he said on Friday.

Ramaphosa rejected an answer he gave to the National Assembly 10 days ago about a payment of R500,000 from Gavin Watson, president of Bosase, who would have been in favor of his son, Andile.

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Ramaphosa said the October 2017 payment was in fact a donation to the NAC presidential campaign, which he said was made without his knowledge.

This appeared in a letter that Ramaphosa wrote to the President of the National Assembly on November 14, saying he accidentally provided incorrect information in his initial response.

Maimane said that Ramaphosa should "come clean" and reveal all the payments he received, his family, and his campaign at Bosassa.

Payment is "another example of ANC corruption network"

He stated that certain facts must be established, including whether Ramaphosa requested donation and whether Bosas contracts had been awarded as a refund.

He also criticized Ramaphosa for saying he did not know the payment.

"He claims he did not know about the state catch when he was right in front of him, and now he claims he did not know about this troublesome payment in his own campaign."

Maimane said that while Ramaphosa could claim to have discovered the saga "VBS Mutual Bank" too late, "he could not get out of Bosas fairly easily."

"Like the VBS, this is another example of ANC's corruption network. A company (Bosassa) receives billions in state auctions, then pays bribes to ANC elderly people and gives NFC money and its candidates -contract accounts trustworthy, all while stealing public money for services for the poor. "

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