Wednesday , May 31 2023

A “brain” without buttons or levers: Mercedes-Benz presents the giant screen of its electric cars (VIDEO)


The amazing Hyperscreen MBUX consists of artificial intelligence software capable of learning and adapting completely to the user.

Carmaker Mercedes-Benz unveiled this week the new panel of its upcoming EQS electric sedan, consisting of a giant 56-inch touch screen with artificial intelligence (AI) embedded with which it seeks to provide a unique driving and entertainment experience.

This high-tech unit called Hypercreen MBUX actually consists of three unified sections in a single curved panel that extends from left to right. One is located on the steering wheel with digital indicators, another displays maps and multimedia, while the third section is intended for the front passenger.

The device consists of an 8-core processor and 24 gigabytes of RAM.

In addition to the amazing aesthetic appearance, the screen consists of AI software capable of learning and adapting completely to the user. The most important applications are always visible, and the driver will not need to scroll through the sub menus or give voice commands due to zero layer system.

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The fully intuitive display allows you to control the essentials of driving and comfort, as well as in-vehicle entertainment.

“Hyperscreen MBUX it is both the brain and the nervous system of the car“, Explains Sajjad Khan, member of the Board of Directors of Mercedes-Benz.

In addition to the main functions, the developers say that thanks to the AI, the machine will be able to automatically determine when the user needs quick access to certain functions, such as making a call or accessing the navigation system when exiting Town .

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