Monday , August 15 2022

A former prosecutor appeared dead, linked to the events that took place in ex-ESMA


Former criminal prosecutor Oscar Hermelo was declared dead, denounced for human rights violations committed within exESMA. His identity was confirmed by security staff. He was shot dead in the head, so police suspect it was suicide.

Hermelo was found died in the driver's seat of a Toyota Corolla black car parked with the engine running in Costanera Norte. Once the police had been warned, those investigating the scene discovered that the former prosecutor had a gun in his lap, so the hypothesis that the man took his life began to be relevant.

In addition, there was information in the passenger seat that proved the identity of the dead. Even so, the prosecutor in charge of the file, Jos Capagnoli, ordered an autopsy to establish the causes of death.

Hermelo He has left the office of prosecutor of the city of Buenos Aires for a decade, after human rights organizations linked them to the operation of the clandestine ESMA during the last military dictatorship. However, justice dictated lack of merit in investigating the events that took place in the former Navy mechanics school.

In fact, repressor Adolfo Scilingo mentioned in his book "Por siempre nunca ms", published in 1996, "a student attorney and court attorney" that he "eventually" became "the right hand and a total trustworthy man "Under ESMA, Hermelo, according to her testimony, was responsible for the care of the possessions hidden by the hostages.

In 2009, federal judge Sergio Torres chased him for torture, followed by death and illegal deprivation of liberty, without preventive detention, but in July 2010, the Second Chamber of the Federal Chamber dictated lack of merit.

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