Sunday , September 25 2022

After three losses, soybean rises and rises by 0.4% to $ 320


Soybean grows 0.4% on Thursday at $ 320.04 on the Chicago market. In the meantime, maize increases by 0.2% to u $ s 146.84, and wheat advances by 0.5% to u $ s 188.41.

Yesterday, soybeans lost 0.5% to $ 318.85 and thus recorded the third consecutive fall. Also, corn lost 0.3%, reaching 146.55 USD, as did the wheat that closed at 187.46 USD.

It should be remembered that on Tuesday, the soybean closed almost flat to $ 320.41 per tonne. Meanwhile, corn fell 0.2 percent to $ 146.94, but wheat rose 0.9 percent to $ 188.13.

Soybean and corn gave up, but wheat increased after delays in planting and a slight deterioration in grain quality.

Autumn wheat sowing reached 94% on Sunday, compared to 90% a year ago, according to a report from the Department of Agriculture.

The quality had a slight degradation: almost 50% was considered good and excellent compared to 53% of the previous week.

Meanwhile maize harvest "continued to advance despite rainfall falling during the weekend," experts said.

Also, rain forecasts on crops in the Argentinian provinces of Córdoba, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires will benefit from corn and make it more competitive with the United States, according to CHS Hedging experts.

Soybean crops continued to be slightly delayed: by Sunday, 83% were harvested, compared with 89% a year ago.

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