Sunday , October 17 2021

Another Scam on WhatsApp: Malicious Application to Know Who Viewed Your Profile Picture

WhatsApp It's the target of cybercriminals. Hackers are the order of the day and many who fall into their traps with their damaging plans. Now move a the new scam. which jeopardizes all information in smartphones.

Is about "WhatsApp Profile Tracker", an application that promises thousands of users you know who saw your profile photo. How do you attack? A message appears through the Google Play Store, and when installed on phones, it shows randomly who saw the profile, but chooses random contacts from the victim's calendar.

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This ensures exactly what day has happened. At that point, he starts to fill up advertising chalk and that means a lot of money with every click. Being inside the phone, begins to hijack content. In return for returning the information, he requests payment of a redemption. This is known as a redemption attack.

From Avast cyber security company, they say: "False applications are zombies in mobile security, they become so ubiquitous that they do not appear in the title, new fake applications replace those already marked for their elimination, the trend will continue to persist in 2019 exacerbated the fake versions of popular apps that make tournaments on the Google Play Store. "

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