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Are Finticals in danger due to lack of talent?


With accelerated growth, these companies fail to cover the key positions they need to accompany rapid growth

The technology industry always needs new talent to complete innovative developments. And fintechs are not left behind. With a stage of expansion and growth – showing a 70% growth in recent years – the techno-financial sector suffers from a lack of talent

One study has recognized that the future can jeopardize companies.

"There is a general consensus on the need to incorporate qualified people with a technological profile and financial knowledge: 63% of the fintech respondents have indicated they have difficulty finding the right talents in the labor market. If this scenario continues, it is expected that this problem will intensify in the short term, which could affect the growth rate of fintech, "said the document presented jointly by Afluenta's techno-financial company and Accenture consulting. .

In a note published in Perfil, the industry's interest in incorporating new faces to enhance its development is emphasized. Currently, 80% say they have up to 50 employees and only 10% more than 100. However, the vast majority (88%) are expected to increase their permanent production by 2018.

"With regard to the issues that are the most relevant to Fintech, we have divided them into three: talents, regulations and funding. As far as talent is concerned, we have found that this is one of the issues that Fintech values ​​most , but there is a big gap between the importance and quality of what they find on the market, "said Diego Zorzoli, CEO of Accenture.

On the other hand, Zorzoli explained that, when looking for qualified employees, financial technology companies find barriers in terms of "Availability, costs and competition with the traditional market". Exactly related to the difficulties encountered in finding staff with appropriate qualifications, one of the issues that the report is "outstanding debts" of fintech is the gender issue.

"We have more than half of our women's team in the Affluence, but it is very difficult for us and we have to make an extraordinary effort to maintain equity in the information technology area due to the lack of women dedicated to systems and programming, Alejandro Cosentino, CEO and founder of this company, explained.

The study shows that in 60% of the companies in this sector there are fewer than 25% of women working and that only 20% of Fintech has more than 50% women in leading positions and only 18% a woman in the founding team.

The Fintech industry has a strong technological or digital base in which financial services are provided. In the country, the skyrocketing of operations and customers in this sector seems promising. Approximately 60% of Argentinian companies in this sector are projected to increase users by more than 100% over the next three years, in line with changes in consumer habits and an increase in technology and financial infrastructure

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