Thursday , April 15 2021

Argentina ranked 26th among the largest economies in the world

contraction of activity from Argentina last year, which came in line with a profound devaluation of the national currency, had its answer in a The country's decline in the economy rankings the most important in the world.

into the 2017, a year in which PBI recorded an increase of 2.9%, the dollar was far behind in terms of inflation, as the currency grew by 17%, compared with an average retail price increase of 24.8%.

Last year, on the other hand, phenomenon was the opposite: while inflation accelerated to levels above 45% per year, the value of the dollar the whorer shot 102 percent.

Both factors the reduction in Argentine GDP measured in dollars, which, according to IMF estimates, has been reduced to USD 475.429 million, 25.4% or USD 168.128 million less than in the previous year, although the calculations of local economists estimate Reduce the product by less than 3% in 2018.

From this group of big savings were few who have registered a low level of your GDP in dollars and dollars none of the proportions Argentina has suffered.

emphasize Turkey, with an annual production loss of 138,000 million USD, a 16.2 percent. The Asian country has gone through a strong capital exit with a strong force the 28% depreciation of the pound over the entire year due to its current account deficit.

It was also a 7% contraction for Brazil's GDP, measured in dollars (USD 145,757 million), mainly due to the 14.5% real value devaluation last year, for the year Indonesia (-1%), Iran (-0.1%) and Russia (0.1%).

Over the past year they have outgrown Argentina through productivity Taiwan, Sweden, Poland, Belgium and Thailand, whose GDP ranges from $ 600,000 to $ 420,000 million.

For 2019, the IMF estimates that Argentina's economic activity will pull off another 1.6%, so the international rankings could go down four more steps, placed at 30 °, with a GDP of 408.030 million USD, exceeded by Austria ($ 469,661 million), Norway ($ 448,463 million), United Arab Emirates ($ 455,587 million) and Nigeria ($ 447,013 million).

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