Thursday , June 1 2023

Argentine Voice 2018: The last round of knockouts included a ricotero hymn


Friday night marked the end of the knockouts

Argentine Voice

, and again six participants faced a duel. The jury composed of

Tini Stoessel


Ricardo Montaner





They have defined the singers who have entered one of the last examples of reality.

The first match found Lucas Domínguez singing "Versace on the Floor" against Sofía Petros, who made "diamonds". At the time of his return, Axel congratulated both of them and said that because of a personal feeling and a very subjective angle, Lucas liked a little more, but both had privileged voices. Ricardo believed that the "interpretative level" was very special in each of them, but that Sofia was more precise in her intonation. Soledad could not rely on any of them and said they had a "back-up voice," but he pointed out that they were "very correct, but they did not manage to print a lesser passion." Finally, Tini, who was in charge of the elections, congratulated him, but he agreed with Sole that "something was missing, maybe because of the nerves," and after much thought he chose Lucas.

The second confrontation featured two major pieces of the national rock. On the one hand, Alejandro Escobar made Vencedores Vencidos, while Diego Iturbide chose a classic from La Renga: "He Revels." At the time of his return, Sole pointed out that "one was more comfortable than the other" and said Alejandro had a lot of versatility, and when he chose he stayed with him.

The last round found two Montaner team members. On the one hand, Paula Torres introduced "Greates Love of All", while her rival Manuela Bas made "I can not take my eyes off you." Again, the jury divided their eyes on the talents of both singers, but at the time of the election, Montaner chose to go on with Paula.

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