Thursday , June 8 2023

Benjamin Vicuña revealed what he feels when he praises the beauty of China's Suarez: "He gives me …"


Benjamin Vicuña he is very fond of China Suárez and so made clear in his last interview with the magazine Caras, which has as its protagonist his cover this week.

She is a woman with all the letters. A woman who did not hesitate to postpone to dedicate her family and her role as a mother. Bet our partner. It's wonderful, generous, beautiful, cheerful. Fill the house with laughter. She brought magic and light into my life, "her partner, her mother's mother assuredmagnolia.

What do you feel when you borrow China for your beauty? "She gives me PRIDE I love IF I know and know THE GOOD PERSON WHO IS IN THE HOME I can not distinguish the beauty of the rest It's a whole"

In the note, the heart's body revealed if he himself considered himself a jealous man: "Not at all, Zero Jealous," he condemned without hesitation his relationship with one of the most goddess actresses of his generation.

And when I asked him what he feels when he praised China for his beauty, Benjamin said, "It hurts my pride, I love it because I know her and I know how good a person is in. I can not disintegrate the beauty of the rest.

It is worth remembering that Vicuña is divided into ten years with one of the most beautiful women in the country Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain. A lucky one!

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