Tuesday , August 3 2021

Beware: a new Google Maps tool can hurt you

Technology is synonymous with progress and upgrading, but not everything new is good. On this occasion, the new instrument Google Maps can harm users and encourage development scammers and the false accounts of criminals who wish to increase profitable profits.

The case was announced in India because the country was one of the first to receive technological breakthrough. According to the Business Insider, the unusual form of the crime uses an innovative form: it turns into the identity of banks through Google Maps. The game of scammers jeopardizes cyberbullying because they trust the information and data they get, I think without knowing they can suffer the total withdrawal of their bank accounts.


According to the Hindu newspaper, Maharashtra police have learned about the situation and issued a warning about this type of scam after receiving more complaints last month. Authorities have pointed out that if someone searches for a bank contact in the Google search engine, the results include the Google Maps page.

However, this activity has not been reported in other parts of the world, but the alert is active because virtual offenders are waiting for any failure of virtual services, in this case Google who has suffered a security weakness in your data and customers who have confidence that the information provided by Google Maps is true and secure, I agree to provide telephone information without knowing the consequences.

On the other hand, the Google representative spoke to The Hindu and said, "There are some inaccuracies or inaccurate editions." Then he added: "When this happens, we do our best to repair the incident as soon as possible," the spokesman said.

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