Saturday , May 28 2022

Bitcoin falls on October 2017 prices


Bitcoin, the first and the main decentralized virtual currency, fell yesterday under $ 5,000, something that had not been seen since the beginning of the takeover in October 2017 (see What's next?).

On the afternoon of yesterday, Bitcoin was worth $ 4,923.68, about 10.72% less than its $ 5,451.72 last Friday, November 16th, at night.

The fake of the cryptic has already been severely moved on Wednesday, when it fell below the $ 6,000 barrier per unit, falling to the lowest level for more than a year.

Afp reported that it is difficult to determine the reason for this sharp decline, but some analysts have recently noticed a decline in interest in this asset, whose volume of transactions in October fell to the lowest level in a year, according to the specialized journal Diar.

Carlos Mesa, founder and director of the Bitcoin Colombia Foundation, explained that this decline may be due to the recent division of two Bitcoin Cash networks (BCH ABC and BCH SV). "What he did was to generate sales pressures on the market to maintain hashish the duck (processing power), pushing all crypto-models to a collapse with drops of up to 15%, "the system engineer explained.

The Bitcoin price lost almost 75% of its value, compared to the cost it had in mid-December 2017, when it temporarily reached 19,500 dollars.

According to Afp, cryptocurrency was only a few cents when it was released in 2009 by one or more computer scientists hiding under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2017, it was from $ 1,000 in January to nearly 20,000 in December.

At 4:37 p.m. yesterday, showed a share of 2082 cryptocrats that completed a total market of 163,203 million dollars.

In virtual coins at 4:37 p.m. On the same day Monday, Bitcoin was still the best-rated cryptocurrency, despite its sharp decline, priced at $ 4,923.68 per unit and a market of 85.595 million dollars.

At the same time, Ethereum followed $ 149.76 per unit to $ 15.47 billion, and Ripple, with a market price of $ 0.48 / unit, closing 19,719 billions of dollars.

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