Wednesday , May 31 2023

Brenda Asnicar, after formalizing her romance with Duki: “I want to have children and take them everywhere in the world”


She talked about her desire to be a mother.

After melting the nets with his first official photo with Duki, with whom he has been meeting for several months, Brenda Asnicar He surprised his followers again. This time he was on a round trip virtual tour, where, among some questions from his fans, who mixed love and work, he answered what his purpose in life was.

Although she does not usually share the intimacy of her personal life, Brenda shared a desire that always accompanied her: to start a family. “You do a lot of concerts, you travel the world, they have children and take them with me all over the world. And that they are incredible tall guachines “, he answered without a filter in a story on Instagram.

A few hours ago, e.g. The ugly duck who spent years living in Colombia and returned to Argentina to launch as a soloist, delighted his followers with a tender image next to the popular cloth carrier hugged on an armchair. “I don’t know if I’m ready,” He accompanied the postcard, which garnered over 100,000 accolades and revolutionized the fandom of young artists.

The love story between Brenda and Duki

In 2017, Brenda married the Colombian businessman Alejandro De Angulo, but throughout the relationship, they were hard to show together. As the artist revealed, he was not interested in being a public figure and she respected him. However, the singer and Alejandro’s marriage lasted two and a half years and when they decided to separate, the young woman settled back in Argentina. In February 2020, the first rumors about her Duki appeared on the networks and a month later, they bleached their relationship on their Instagram stories. At that moment, the man decided to show Brenda eating potato pie with her grandfather.

Duki and Brenda strengthen their love every day. (Photo: Instagram)

Since then, Brenda and Duki have often shared photos and videos of their day with their millions of followers. However, they have always stood out for their looks a relaxed and fun couple, away from the kitsch and long dedications of love. That’s why the hug photo and the phrase “I don’t know if I’m ready” made sense to their fans.

In addition, on various occasions, the singers have suggested with their publications that they passed the quarantine together in the same house. Even when Brenda was harshly criticized in August for looking thinner than before, Duki came out of her teeth and nails to defend her through various videos talking about the subject. On the other hand, when the man was nominated for a Grammy, she publicly congratulated him.

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