Tuesday , June 28 2022

Careful users: this Tuesday morning will be stopping the shipment


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Access to transport unemployment is total

The measure is led by CATT, which brings together most of the trade unions and indicated that at that time the workers they will have meetings in their places of work.

In this respect, CATT clarified that, although at seven the ensembles will be closed, it expects the services to operate at the usual frequency of 10.

Among the guilds that will head to the measures are: UTA collectives, the mechanics of Trains from La Fraternidad, trucks, aircraft, dredger and beacon, Guincheros and railway signals.

However, there could be taxis, as the Federation of the sector led by José Ibarra does not belong to CATT. Who is not just a member I agree to join the Peones de Taxis de Omar Viviani as well as Unión Ferroviaria.

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