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Carmen Barbieri sent Cinthia Fernández to the front and let her out – 01/17/2019


In the middle of a cell phone Angels in the morning (The Thirteen, at 10.30) Carmen Barbieri (63) He defended his tooth and nail, Federico Bal (29) of the strong accusations he has received over the last few days.

"When I talk about my son and compare it to a murderer or a rapist, the truth is that it hurts much, from me who say what they say, "capochrome said about treatment after a note about Federico they were doing two weeks ago in the program Moria Casán (73).

then, Ángel de Brito (42) Carmen reminded him of his strong words Cinthia Fernández (31) about Fede, which he called "aggressive", for which Carmen assured: "No, I did not get angry …".

At that moment, the president welcomed her, and Barbieri responded with a question that left everyone without words: "Hooola Cinthia! Do you remember when you called me and dragged me, you told me everything? Do you remember? Once you called me, you were wrong you told me there was another Carmen, my mother-in-law, remember?".

Cinthia Fernández. (Instagram)

Cinthia Fernández. (Instagram)

"I did not have a mother named Carmen", his ex-wife Matías Defederico (29). – Did not you have a mother-in-law named Carmen? De Brito asks. "It's not good, it seems to me …", the president began when Carmen interrupted her:"Not good. Yes! You called me You forgot? No matter what happened a long time ago, you were a child … "

"No, I swear you're confusedCinthia said again.No, I'm not confused, I have a very good memory, I remember when you called me once and you said "noooo, it was another person, I'm sorry" it happened a long time ago, you were a kid which you were going to do your hands … ", continued his protagonist Together again.

"Yes, I remember my hands I do not remember the situation"Once again, the young model and dancer said," Do not you remember? Federico's mother rushed again: "No!" Cinthia answered, with an accent.Well, it does not matter, it was a stupid thing that happened …Barbieri told him.

Carmen Barbieri and Federico Bal. (Instagram)

Carmen Barbieri and Federico Bal. (Instagram)

"No, I swear to you girls"the officer insisted.That made me feel funny because I said, "I do not know Cinthia," and then you said, "No, it was somebody else," but it's already happened, it was a long time ago", the humorist continued" fight ".

"It made me very funny, I was not upset, but I told her, "Cinthia Fernandez, what did I do?"added platinum at the same time."I may be because I'm a remetric recruiter but I do not remember, "Fernández said.

It should be noted that Cinthia said that when drinking alcohol, Federico says "a little aggressive"Meanwhile, to prove his say, he said he knew"from their own experience".

Federico Bal. (Instagram)

Federico Bal. (Instagram)

Then the actor they asked him to withdraw because they did not really know each other and he will not be miserable for free. The model also replied: "I apologize right away. But tomorrow I clarify because I asked correctly or incorrectly, but without accusation. "

"He apologized, explained why he said that, but I do not need forgiveness anymore. I understand everything, but we are experiencing a very delicate moment in which we need to be very precise with words on certain issues, "Bal said.

"I will not give up on treating me as an alcoholic and violent"Federico also said on a mobile phone for LAM after that trip with Cinthia on Twitter, while in this interview, the young producer and actor He assured the matter was already being judged.

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