Monday , March 20 2023

Concussion for a child who died drowned with a gum pellet


Little San Juan's father told me what happened.

a 9 years old babe died into the San Juan after drowning with a little bubble gum. His parents were witnessing the tragic moment: "I squeezed her stomach and hit him on the back, but we could not save her."

The event that robbed the neighboring province took place on Thursday evening in the department May 25th. Tamara del Valle Santana (9) She was desperate in her house because she drowned with a little bubble gum. She'd bought it a few minutes before at a kiosk in her neighborhood while she was playing with her friends.

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"He was running away, he was desperate, and he ran around the table as he showed his mouth, and continued to fill his arms, where I realized I could not breathe, it was terrible," said Oscar Alcaraz, the girl's father.

Though he had tried to do his best to free him from obstruction, the effort was in vain. "I put my fingers, but I could not get chewing gum, was slippery. His mouth blew whole. I also squeezed her stomach and hit him on the back, but we could not save her, "remembered his father.

Because of the unleashed cries, the neighbors came to help. One of them has borrowed his car for the man to take his daughter to a first aid room. Although the candy was removed, Tamara spent a few minutes breathless: she died on her way to Rawson Hospital, where she was sent.

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As Diario de Cuyo reported, the chewing gum slipped into the small trachea and prevented him from continuing to breathe into the lungs. "Amorosa, a princess, was my life, and it was she who helped me in the work of a mason, which is why he continues," remembered his father, remarkably sad and resigned.

Tamara's case is Secondly death in a few hours in San Juan. A two-year-old died in Rawson on Thursday. Ludmila Pastén (2) had drowned while taking it milk ring mamadera, suffering a bronchial aspiration.


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