Thursday , April 15 2021

Controversy at the door: Juana Viale is not in favor of the vaccines

After playing in a huge controversy when declared non-feminist, Juana Viale is on the road to be the focus of another sensitive debate: vaccines; Yes or no. For the actress, the answer is negative and has to do with a particular view of medicine. His preference is natural and his children, Silvestre, 10 Ali, 6 and Amber, 16, have recently vaccinated him.

Juana spoke about this topic in a note with nation and noticed the possibility of being "barked from all sides" in his opinion. He said he was not in favor of the vaccines and explained why: "I have a more natural position, I like homeopathy, anthroposophical medicine, and I understand that When the body becomes ill, it is not random, it is spoken and you have to be careful because it is a way of manifestation. If I have a fever, it's because the body is struggling with something, so I do not take a medicine against the fever. There are processes that I like to live and feel. "

This natural perspective is also reflected in nutrition. Juanita was a vegetarian for six years, such as Amber, the daughter of Juan de Benedictis. Men, the fruit of the actress relationship with Gonzalo Valenzuela, consumes a kind of meat or fish.

However, with the boys, Juana could not support his anti-vaccine status. "Now I've vaccinated them, I have not done it before, but I agreed that they are not me, they are, and we live in a society where we do not understand everyone and sometimes we have to adapt. "

It is unclear what happened, but a possibility might be that schools usually require the updated vaccination program when they admit a boy and the actress had no choice but to give up.

Beyond what the most famous niece thinks, in Argentina the viral triple vaccine (against measles, mumps, and Rubiolea) is mandatory; Bacterial triple cells (for disteria, tetanus and cough Convulsa) and Sabin (against poliomyelitis). From 2017, two new doses were added: that of the human papilloma virus (HPV) for men aged 11 years or older and that of meningococcus, which prevents meningitis, after three months of life.

Finally, in the note, he said that he also believes in "energies, per month, in the behavior of the planets, in water, in calm, in what attracts and rejects, in light and in darkness. "

In November, Mirtha Legrand's niece was the title when she said she was not considered feminist because she did not believe in equality between men and women. "We are not a meal, we are not a flock," he said. These sayings were rejected by feminists, but Viale does not object: "I'm not leaving without a flag, because I do not feel we have to. It's not about sex but about human beings, about consciousness and understanding. The human being has the ability to reason and does not need slogans or flags. I've never been interested in soldiers.

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