Tuesday , February 7 2023

Controversy for the horse that died in Jesús María's ride | chronicle


Protectionist Fundación Sin Estribos filed a criminal complaint against Jesús María's National Training and Folklore Festival for the slaughter of a horse that was hit while he was ready for a trip.

The animal, called "Pampero," suffered a blow yesterday and was sacrificed by the veterinarians of the event, which generated protectionist claims that reject the realization of the traditional event.

"We filed the complaint, we formed ourselves as plaintiffs and provided evidence to Jesús María's Prosecutor's Office"he said Andrea Heredia, owner of the Foundation, in statements to Radio Miter Córdoba.

In addition, the activist explained that in the presentation the organization asked the judiciary to carry out "a necropsy on the animal's body to determine the causes of his death."

Heredia said that "Pampero reaches the Palenque and apparently falls suddenly." One theory is that the head was hit with the palenci, and the other is that the animal became uncircumcised, which is very common ".

He also added that "The law says it is forbidden to make the animals suffer, no matter how long it lasts".

Meanwhile, since organizing the event, they have ensured that the veterinarian has informed this "The medical treatment offered to the horse was unsuccessful and that, with the consent of the owner, the decision was made to apply euthanasia".

Knowing this, Sin Estribo posted on his Facebook account: "Pampero died, another victim of the cruelty of this cursed tradition, we make the complaint in JM" which generated the reaction of his descendants.

Finally, a rally against the rider, which will leave the CPC of Monsignor Pablo Cabrera, in the province's capital, to the training place in Jesús María, will be held next Friday.

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