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Copa Libertadores champion: football violence


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Jam Media | UN agency

River champion. Champion mouth. In one way or another, it should have been the title of this article after the super-final, which was originally played on Saturday and then rescheduled for Sunday.

Very grandiose, the Argentines call it the end of the world: a unique duel in history. The classic trasandino has come to define the oldest continental club tournament on the planet and most coveted in South America.

But for the next day, the scene became a piece of paper against the world. The match, one of the most coveted fans of football, was reprogrammed three times between Saturday and Sunday to eventually be suspended until a date that has not yet been defined. There are no conditions of equality, noted the South American Football Confederation.

And the sport dispute was in the background.

Violence that broke out near the Monumental Stadium opened a question about the security of the G20 summit to be held in Buenos Aires on Friday and Saturday.

Jam Media | UN agency
Jam Media | UN agency

More than 2,000 agents deployed in three security rings, an aerostatic surveillance system and face detection cameras failed to prevent a group of "rods" from stoning the bus that took players from Boca at the Monumental Stadium, in the northern Buenos Aires River.

Pedradas, the broken windows and the tear gas that squeezed into the Boca bus, have caused injuries to several players, most serious for their captain Pablo Pérez and Gonzalo Lamardo with glass mesh.

In addition to the attack on the Boca players, "courageous bows" caused damage to the streets around the stadium, in a battle with the police that lasted almost the entire afternoon.

And all this, despite the fact that the final, scheduled back and forth, was played without a visitor audience in an attempt to avoid excesses.

And the G20?

"Shameful Global" was the expression that defined press and social incidents. But the most worrying question is what security guarantees exist for the G20 summit, including world leaders, such as US President Donald Trump, Russian Vladimir Putin, and Chinese Xi Jinping.

"The responsibility of the operation (the security of the River-Boca party) is the city police (in Buenos Aires) where the federal forces are working together." In the G20 case, it will be the other way around, "said Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta on Sunday.

So far, there have been no statements from Security Minister Patricia Bullrich or President Mauricio Macri, former President of Boca, who at the outset requested that the final be played with the public visited.

"It is not a problem for all Argentins Yesterday (Saturday), about 60,000 people entered the stadium in a completely peaceful way without any problem." A month ago we celebrated the Youth Olympic Games where a million people have participated without incident and they are also Argentinians "

– Horacio Rodríguez, Mayor of Buenos Aires.

For the G20 summit, 22,000 troops from the various Argentinian security forces will be mobilized, and more than 2,000 international delegation agents will be mobilized.

Presidents will meet in Costa Salguero, a practically uninhabited area on the Río de la Plata. In this perimeter there will be a total ban on the movement of the vehicle or the pedestrians and will be the air space and the barrier space.

In addition to Costa Salguero, there will be five other areas housed in Buenos Aires, where social movements on Wednesday called a demonstration in the G20 rejection.

"The Bar Mafia"

In explaining Saturday's violence, Rodríguez Larreta has shown the "Argentinean soccer bar mafia" as responsible for violence, apparently in retaliation for a police operation that confiscated tickets to the stadium the day before.

"It is not a problem for all Argentinians Yesterday (Saturday), about 60,000 people entered the stadium in a completely peaceful way without any problems. A month ago, we celebrated the Youth Olympic Games where a million people participated without incident, and they are also Argentinians, "the mayor explained.

Attack attack TNT Sports
Attack attack TNT Sports

Due to football violence, in 2013, the presence of a visitor audience was banned in matches, although it failed to stop the deaths: four in 2018 and 137 in the last 20 years, according to Salvemos Fútbol's NGO.

However, Argentina has one of the lowest rates of homicide in Latin America, with 6 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2016, just over Ecuador (5.8 per 100,000 inhabitants) and Chile (3.3 per 100,000 inhabitants). ), according to Insight Crime.

In spite of this, violence has acquired the continental title in Argentina.

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