Wednesday , May 31 2023

"Dancing 2018": Lourdes Sánchez's scandalous accusation against Sol Pérez


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Differences between Sol Pérez and Lourdes Sánchez come from the very beginning of this edition Bailando, and the last gala on Friday was no exception. It is that although the BAR President has said he will not talk about the first weather girl, finally he could not help her.

"She's dancing and dancing the last time, it's very weird. Dancers are the ones who need to know the most, they should go firsthe said first weather girl, complaining about alleged preferential treatment for those who are "virtuous".

"Little (Viciconte) danced the duel Tuesday and yesterday danced again, and she is not a dancer. It seems to me that we are killing all those who are not dancers. That the dancers do it first, which are the most cancers you have to be. If we do not come with the hunt, the ship and the ship … "he added.

"You want me to tell you what happened to the precision rhythm?"says Lourdes, with a roguish tone.

"What happened to the precision rate?" He wanted to know Marcelo Tinelli.

"I had to dance on a Monday and Sol on Thursday. Sol did not know that choreo asked to dance for months and was sent on Thursdayhe said.

"I have already given up when a person stops, does not continue to repeat. I really gave up, and I talked about production, you can ask. If I resign, I will not go to rehearsal For what? If I resigned, then obviously I did not know choreography. Why did not you know choreography? If you are a dancer, you should always be there for the first dance, "the lecturer defended. Specialists show.

"We danced on Thursday and I took all ten," "chicaneó" Lourdes.

"And yeah, you're a dancer, you have to dance forever, all ten, and I do not know why you're doing this (while Lourdes covered his ears), did not you hear the whistling voice you got?" Sol answered, angrily.

"I love my voice, I catch many children, " concluded the BAR jury with irony.

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