Thursday , April 15 2021

Easy improvement of Fernando de la Rúa, who is still on board – 04/01/2019

Former President Fernando de la Rua continues to be hospitalized at the Australian Pilar Hospital after having suffered a cardiovascular image but has seen a "slight improvement with a decrease in medication," sources close to the radical leader bugle. It was also indicated that Rúa "continues with vigilance in special care".

The radical leader entered the care center on the first day of the year. The only part of the Australian Hospital on Thursday was indicated to have had a "severe condition" and was also sedated in mechanical ventilation in the critical care area.

On 12 December, former President Fernando de la Rua shared a dinner at the end of the year when he was last seen in public. Clarin He knew about guests who, on the one hand, were very animated, and in roasted bread demanded the welfare of the country. But, on the other hand, they also physically exhausted him.

The dinner was organized by the DAAT (Hebrew Knowledge) group, which brings together, among other things, Jewish community entrepreneurs. It commemorated the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

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