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Facundo Campazzo was left out of the duel between the quietest players in the NBA


Luka Doncic attacks for Dallas, defends Nikola Jokic for Denver; They are probably the best players in the NBA, but they have an unparalleled talent Source: AFP

It was one of the most anticipated matches. Why Denver and Dallas are two teams with many of the elements that are considered the essence of the NBA show. The end the bad taste remained due to the absence of Facundo Campazzo, that for the first time he saw a complete game on the bench. However, the show, which was completed with agony Mavericks win 124-117 in overtime (109-109), it was fun.

The duel between Campazzo and Luka Doncic, teammates in Real Madrid duringa few seasons. They exchanged discussions and laughter shortly before the action, but there was no confrontation in court.

Facundo Campazzo and Luka Doncic before the match

Every NBA game tells a story. His argument is sometimes easy to see. Others, it is a bit more complicated for the simple observer. And the explanations can only be given by the coaches. Those who interpret and see beyond what most have before their eyes.

What the Facundo Campazzo did not enter, it was striking that he left the rotation that DT Mike Malone presented so far. The reason will be answered later and is exclusively for coaches. But one possibility is that Dallas will use Willie Cauley-Stein (2.13 m) and Boban Marjanovic (2.24) for a long time. The Serb, in particular, greatly complicated the Nuggets’ defense, destabilizing the structures, scoring points and creating spaces for the conversion of his teammates. Also, Dallas’ forward forces are very high: Maxi Kleber (2.11) and Dwight Powell (2.08).

Why should this affect Campazzo, who is a guardian? In recent games, Denver has used a small four-perimeter formation for many passages of the game. Even in the breaks of his pivot, Nikola Jokic, the place was occupied by forwards, such as Paul Millsap or JaMaychal Green. This time, given the imbalance of their rival in the inside game, the pivots, Jokic and Isaiah Hartenstein, were always accompanied by another player of stature. In this way, the perimeter spots were reduced from four to three. And there the Cordovan lost his chances.

It wasn’t until the end of the second quarter that Malone opted for the “little ball” (low lineup), but it was with Morris, Murray, Dozier, Burton and Millsap.

Argentine Facundo Campazzo had no room this time with Denver
Argentine Facundo Campazzo had no room this time with Denver Credit: @ Denver

Yet With the natural disappointment that Campazzo’s absence caused for the Argentines, the game presented an interesting duel between the quietest players in the NBA. And this is not said in a pejorative way. On the contrary. Slovenian Luka Doncic, from Dallas, is a guard. Denver’s Jokic Serb is a pivot. But the two share some refined aspects of this game. Both, of Slavic roots, dominate the NBA with a very particular style. In the age of vertigo and explosion, they slow down the game.

Both are often questioned about their physical condition. From time to time, they are said to be fat (although this year Jokic looks thinner than ever). But what is interesting is the cadence with which they settled in such a different game. Strangely, they they can set their cruising speed as the numbers. Fakes, arrests, changes of direction, brilliant passes. While most try to impose themselves through physical arrogance, they do so intelligently, the ability to find the right moment for a slow-moving shot, spin or dribble.

I do Campazzo before the game

“I can’t run very fast, so all I have to do is be a very patient player.”Jokic quarreled a few weeks ago when asked about his particular style.

“People on Twitter can say anything. I’m not in my best physical shape, but I’ll be sure. I’ve never been a very muscular guy, so what can I say?“Doncic apologized when asked about his physical condition.

They are slow, not very athletic. They know. Even so, they are so dominant that they tend to get high numbers in the main statistical elements. They often receive double triples (reaching ten in three numeric fields) or are close to doing so. This time Jokic finished with 38 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists, and Doncic with 38, respectively 9 and 13. Seeing them together on a field will always be attractive and a source of admiration. Although the Argentines are still upset because they have not seen Campazzo.

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