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Femicide: A culprit of sexual abuse has murdered his family and a neighbor


The man who committed suicide had a restriction to approach his wife and children

The man weighed a perimeter restriction order for which he could not approach his wife's house. He had denounced it

sexual abuse

committed against her daughter for two years. But at dawn yesterday, the man came into the house, whom he could not approach

he shot his wife to death

, his two children and a neighbor who was in the house. He called the police and committed suicide.

The incident took place in Colon City, Buenos Aires, around 11:00, in a 54-year-old house between 25 and 26, confirmed by the security secretary of that party in Buenos Aires, Marcelo Battaglia. The official confirmed that there was a restriction measure for the killer and that the prosecutor requested his arrest.

Police spokespersons said the multiple homicide, identified as Leandro Andrés Ayala, 37, was reported by the alleged

sexual abuse committed against her daughter

, Josefina Guerrero, for two years.

Besides the girl, Delia Guerrera, 35, the wife of the femicide, was also shot in the brutal act; his son, Patricio Gómez, for 12 years, and a neighbor who was not identified by the police and whose age would be between 50 and 60 years old.

According to the first information, the same killer was the one who called 911 to report his crime, which he related to "family reasons". When the troops went to that place, they found the body of the four victims and Ayala's, all with bullet wounds.

The man left a writing and an audition in which he tries to explain the reasons that led him to commit the subsequent massacre and suicide. As it became known, from the complaint of sexual abuse against the minor, Ayala was set a perimeter restriction that was announced on Monday.

In the case of cooling, she took the prosecutor Magdalena Brant, who reports to the Judicial Department of Pergamino.

At the same time, Marcelo Battaglia, Columbus City Secretary of Security, said the woman did not have a panic button because "such serious family violence does not occur here because it is a small community."

He added, in Télam's statements: "There are thirty thousand inhabitants, there are gender-based violence, but not that magnitude, and there is no need to have an anti-panic button."

Quadruple homicide in Colón took place just 26 years after the plague dignity of Ricardo Barreda, one of the most spectacular cases in the history of Argentine police, which, although with different contexts, has a similar feature of the victims with this episode extreme violence registered in Colón.

On November 15, 1992,

Barreda murdered his wife

, Gladys Margarita Mac Donald; her mother-in-law, Elena Arreche, and her daughters Celina and Adriana.

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