Thursday , April 15 2021

Find in Bulgaria 11 BMW 5 Series unused … 25 years!

The passing of time is inexorable for everyone, but sometimes it does not happen as fast for everyone … at least in appearance. That's what happened with these 11 BMWs found without registration in a Bulgarian warehouse. It may seem normal to store new cars … but these BMW 5 Series have a feature that makes them special … 25 years ago they left the factory.

90 BMW has had in his offer, for some time, with the E34 generation of its average saloon, the BMW 5 Series. The E34 generation was a major technical and technological leap, although it maintained a very classic aesthetics, which is still appreciated today by Bavarian company lovers.

Series Bmw 5 E34 09

According to data thrown by the web Autoclub, a car rental company bought 11 BMW 5 Series units to include in its fleet. For technical needs, these 11 units were temporarily stored in a warehouse in Bulgaria until they were registered and start-up, something that never happened.

not, these 11 BMW Series 5 Series, 10 saloon units and one family unit have never stepped on the road because his recording never happened. These 11 vehicles, BMW 520i and 525i specifically (both six-cylinder engines with 150 and 192 hp respectively), the dream of the righteous has been sleeping for a quarter of a century, protected only by plastic sheets.

Series Bmw 5 E34 02

Its external appearance after being discovered is not the best, because the dust, moisture and dirt broke into their bodies, desmejorándolas substantially, although it all indicates that, with a good wash, it could recover the lost glare. On the contrary, the rooms are completely immaculate: wood, plastics and fabrics are in perfect condition after they do not suffer any wear.

Series Bmw 5 E34 05

These 11 units of the BMW 5 Series will never be allowed to travel to Bulgaria because their laws do not allow the registration of a car that does not comply with current anti-pollution legislation. That's why its destination appears to be Germany, where classical BMWs have an administrative privilege. They will be auctioned in the coming weeks, with a unit price that can exceed € 15,000, well above the average of the current second-hand market for this model.

Source: Autoclub

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