Tuesday , February 7 2023

Forthnes and tricks of the season 8


It is true that the Fortnite season 7 started just a few weeks ago, and yet season 8 tracks already appear on the map. Patch 7.2.0 arrived earlier than expected, which led to the launch of a new airplane and the players discovered many Easter eggs that can indicate the next event at the end of the season.

The most obvious introduction is a kind of frozen sphere floating in the sky directly on the Polar peak. As mentioned in Reddit, the clouds approach the entire screen with a snow filter to the point where the player is almost completely hidden. When you move, the screen is deleted again, but this orbit may be related to the ice storm that is rumored to be near the island.

But while winter could reach the Polar peak, it is a very different story elsewhere in the map. On the south island of Happy Hamlet, there is a huge rock of ice that seems to melt. At present, rock has a fast-paced health bar, though it's likely to take some time to find out if there's anything inside it. In one minute published on Reddit, the stone has a surface of nearly five billion (though this total decreases by a few thousand points per second).

Finally, Fortnite TVs act again. Televisions have previously issued warnings before the meteorological attack and launch of missiles in stations 3 and 4, and now they have been reinstated. This time, a blue screen shows the phrase "no signal," but the silhouette of the king of ice can be clearly seen behind the message.

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