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"Gallardo does what he wants"


Superfinal is just around the corner. With the passing of hours, our own and strangers are soaked in all the information to be aware of the extraordinary spectacle that comes. At bus stops, taxis and cafes, people talk about the Boca on Saturday. Here and around the world, the passion that awakened a definition between the two great Argentinean soccer woke up a rarely seen climate.

And it was in this preview that I spoke to a character who knew how to wear the colors of one of these teams. José Daniel Ponce. "Bocha" has long settled in the neighboring country of Chile, followed us with goodness always and not only spoke of his feelings about the Copa Libertadores final, but also participated in Marcelo Gallardo.

Ponce is one of the few privileged Mendocines who knew how to wear the Xeneize shirt (Supercopa 1989 champion) and blue and white when Carlos Salvador Bilardo was the coach of the national team.

Godoycruceño of birth, "Bocha" knows the superclassici and lives in his way, with the intensity, as if that magical player of the left-handed of his time spoke to him. "I hope that in this definition appears the real Boca, because it seems that River took his hand," he says.

Beyond that, he remembers: "I think the Brazilians deserved something more," when asked if the best two players have come to an end in America. Which of the two teams in Brazil? And in the same tone, he added: "The one who played with the River …, I say from the hand of the killer (sic)."

– Do you think Gremio was injured by the referee in his time as Conmebol?

– We all know that nobody has supported this move and that VAR (the video arbitration system) has become uninformed.

– Talking about VAR, favors or damages the game?

– In that situation it suffers. If I were a player I would have hit. What about the Guild? Where does he defend what happened to them? There are people who turn everything into a moment. With VAR you do not know whether to celebrate or look at the referee, if you touch your ear …

– Who's better at the end?

-They are at a uniform level. There is no one that is a step up. I think Boca must become a champion and end up with the myth that they took their hand. It is Boca who has to take River with his hand and make the champion feel real. This is the time and the players know they should not let it pass.

He's talking about the river that takes Boca's hand. What do you mean in a concrete way?

– That the team threw the whole hierarchy of history and what Boca means. The river wins, touches and spends in their yard. That's what I mean.

How much is defined in the first game?

– Everything, because if you take advantage, the strategy is one of a kind for rematch and the arrangement of the meeting. This must have been a single party, although only it is implemented next year (NdR: it will be in Santiago de Chile in 2019).

-Daniel, for his answers, gives the impression that Boca lacks what starts with "h".

– I do not know if you do not … but if you do not have a presence, they are very light in the middle and in the Cup matches you have to put your foot strong on the rivals. Lately, the river has rushed Boca in this direction. See (Leonardo) Ponzio as if he were a capo and who hits me, in my time would not have happened, I bother to see how no one was planted by the hand and distribute what he distributes.

-Ponzio will not play the first final. Is that a small advantage for Boca?

-Only yes, although River attacks and binds Boca players with their systems. Boca always came late in every ball. I hope it will not happen in the next two games.

-That looks like Gallardo's absence can influence …

– Sure (hahaha), though that man does what he wants. Against Gremio, he went down and gave instructions at break, that's fuckin '. Nothing has changed. His presence in the group is very influential. Personally, I like, I think he is the only one who does the Argentine style, I would like him to be the coach of the national team.

– In his day, what would have happened to that DT action and the subsequent failure of the South American Confederation?

– Of course, the discussion will continue.

– Given rivalry, is it defined in detail?

– From what I saw from both, I think so. I do not see a final with many goals, although you never know in this sport and that's nice. This will depend on the outcome of the trip.

– A few days, it is said that Guillermo Barros Schelotto would put the same eleven that he used in the rematch of the semifinals against Palmeiras. You like?

– That night I liked how Boca played. I think the idea of ​​repeating these names is correct, because it can also keep more content from the rival. If Boca plays Boca, as history demands, he will win.

– If I were the coach of one of the two teams, would I make a personal sign to a rival?

– For nothing. If he tried to save himself every time, push well until you neglect back.

-What should be Boca de River care and vice versa?

-Boca has to be careful not to make the same mistake she had for the championship playing at Bombonera. That afternoon he never played, did not get five passes in a row, was clean and the players were late. The river was planted and Ponzio was distributed as he wanted, while "10" (Gonzalo Martinez) did everything. I'm not talking out of the river. I have too much to support Morellato of Mendoza, who are all the chickens (laughs), but they are my brothers alive. I love you

– What's on the other side of the Cordillera about the final?

– First, the Argentines are wrong in a beautiful country, but with immense corruption and where they say and make many mistakes. In football, many of whom I spoke want Boca to win for everything that happened with River and VAR, Conmebol … etc.

– Do you have any sign?

-What Boca wins and is champion, nothing more.

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