Monday , August 15 2022

Girls present intimate parts in exchange for sparkling


Images that have become viral show a young woman in the bar showing her breasts and unpack her pants to win a sparkling wine. What happened in the bowling alley generated controversy and various reactions.

It seems that last weekend came to a bar in the Paraná port area and some of those who attended the bar replicated photos and made a video about networks, according to El Once.

The photos show a young woman at the top of the bar, who, encouraged by the bowler, shows her breasts and disassembles her pants to get a sparkling wine.

In the pictures, you can also see some young people who take pictures and record videos with their mobile phones, while the girl shows her body to bowling assistants. As reported, there is also a video about what happened over the past weekend and the social networking trip in Paraná and the area.

The fact has generated many reactions, as well as opinions about what happened in the bowling alley. Some of them ask questions about bowling and the attitude of the animator, who encouraged her to remove her shirt. Other opinions indicate against the young man that he is "regalar" in exchange for a wine.

However, it was noteworthy that some people who have expressed their opinion on social networks claim to know a young woman who appears in the video and photos and makes sure she is a minor. Some people even say that they are 15 years old and according to the current ordinances, minors should not have the right to enter bars and not allow them to drink alcoholic beverages.

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