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Guillermo was presented in Los Angeles and a question about Tevez found him – 03/01/2019

Guillermo Barros Schelotto settled in Los Angeles and was introduced on Thursday as the new coach of the LA Galaxy team, one of the most important MLS teams, the US league that will try to return to the first planes: the franchise with several titles – 5 and more challenged finals -9-. But since his last consecration in 2014, he has not played again the decisive game again. That's what Mellizo came to put the Californian team on the top. However, his recent past in Boca is after him.

The defeat in the Copa Libertadores final against the River will be a scar that will remain throughout his sporting life. In the last question of the press conference – first asked him in English and then in Spanish – he was asked about the possibility of incorporating Carlos Tevez into a team. The only time Guillermo was uncomfortable and even smirking: "I do not know where the version comes from, but all the journalistic speculation," he replied.

Just for Tevez they asked Guillermo. When Boca was better, Carlitos returned from China and had to adapt his team for Apache to take place. Finally, Tevez was on the bench in the two finals against the River, at Bombonera and Bernabeu, and the coach threw him on the pitch in the last few minutes. They have always been treated with respect, but in sports Tevez was a stone in Guillermo's shoe.

Now the story is different. Guillermo will have to deal with Swedish player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a franchisee and great figure of the Los Angeles team. Tevez's submission would be unusual.

On the other hand, the Argentine coach said he was ready to give his new team titles: "I am honored to be the coach of the MLS most successful club. This is an extraordinary opportunity for me and I am delighted to start working. long point of reference in the MLS and are ready to take the club back. "

Barros Schelotto, who shone as a Columbus Crew player between 2007 and 2010, will debut as coach Galaxy on February 9 against Toronto FC in a friend who will be playing at Los Angeles Dignity Sports Sports Park.

"Accepting the offer was easy because I am aware of the fact that we have reached a large organization where the goal is to get the title of the league," said the 45-year-old coach who arrived after completing three seasons in Boca , where he won two Championships. The Division lost the Copa Libertadores 2018 final against River Plate.

"I want to put the LA Galaxy back and fight for a title I have not been able to achieve over the last few years, no doubt a great challenge, something very important, which has made me decide to accept the position. , I want to give the team an offensive game style that is natural and does not cost to grow, no matter where we compete, "said Barros Schelotto.

Los Angeles Galaxy will debut in the American League on Saturday, March 2, against the Chicago fire at Los Angeles Dignity Sports Sports Park.

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