Friday , January 27 2023

He warns Bezos not to marry Lauren Sánchez


Los Angeles, United States of America.

His former friendship Lauren Sánchez, the new bride of the founder Amazon. Jeff BezosHe does not advise the magician to marry the former host, he told Page Six.

"Jeff Bezos is really stupid if he thinks of marrying her and it's really stupid to give up half of his wealth," said the person close to Sanchez.

The source, who decided to remain anonymous, said he was able to witness much of Sanchez's long love story, which involved at least four different people.

He said that when Sanchez worked as an intern at a Los Angeles television station, he hired himself with the sports presenter. Rory Markas, whom he left when he changed his jobs.

Later he moved to the house Manhattan Beach, California, with Henry Simmons, his star NYPD blue with whom he will marry, although he has come with him, he has come out with him Patrick Whitesell, the Hollywood agent who has not yet been separated.

Mira: Luaren Sánchez, an unmarried woman in Hollywood, before being "the other" of Bezos

When he was about to say Yes to Whitesell, he called one of them, Tony Gonzalez, a former NFL player with whom he has a son, to tell him he will cancel his wedding if he returns with her.

An athlete's representative denied this statement.

Sánchez is also engaged Anthony Miller, also an NFL player for one and a half years; he recently claimed the helicopter pilot deceived, and the sources close to her said it was the other way round.

The star of Mexican origin was designated as being guilty of Jeff's divorce MacKenzie Bezos, after 25 years of marriage.

Currently, it is not known how the separation of the richest man's assets in the world will affect separation because he and his mother's children did not sign a prenuptial agreement, so MacKenzie could retain half of the Amazon founder's wealth.

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