Wednesday , March 29 2023

He's chemo for five years, but he did not have cancer


A man was in fact suffering from another illness that, as it had not been treated, worsened and could now bring serious consequences, such as the deaf.

In an unusual medical error, a man was diagnosed with cancer and received chemotherapy treatment, although in reality, everything was useless because he had no tumors. What has made the most dramatic picture is that the actual condition suffered by this person has not been treated and worsened, leaving the patient with problems that could lead to total deafness.

This is James Salaz, who suffered an open pulmonary biopsy at Montrose Memorial Hospital, which gave him the worst expected result: a strange cancer due to excess white blood cells (which probably generated tumors throughout the body). Chemo started immediately, but what did not happen right away was an improvement in the image: the symptoms that affected James persisted and became increasingly pronounced. And so, for a few years, until the man went looking for another medical opinion and found the novelty of not having cancer.


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