Saturday , August 13 2022

His angry reaction when he heard the statements of the former GH


A few days ago, Sol Pérez exposed an awkward situation he experienced during his time in the "Combat" cycle, where, he said, was harassed by a partner. Finally, it was found that the blonde is referring to Cristian U, who soon came out to defend himself.

Among other things, former GH said Sol was "a quilombery who does not know how to play on television," and threatened to sue for defamation. Obviously, the blonde did not remain quiet and took a few minutes in its KZO program to make the download.

"It's a rude shit, that's broke out now, but I've been saying a lot since I left Combat, he said he gave me kisses with everyone … I was 21 at the time and I met, but Beyond if I want, kiss me 50. I will not be forced to give a kiss to a man I do not want.

He added: "When they asked him, he told me that he kicked me out of the program when I really resigned and I resigned live and there are many situations I did not like except YouTube. "

Before closing the issue, he referred to the clues that Cristian U made about Sol Pérez's alleged relationship with a "strong guy", as well as the evidence he said he had. "I want to show him when I was in Faena, he's a misogynist shit, a dead man, he's not nowhere, if he does not live with these things, he does not appear anywhere." Instead of wondering who is Sol Pérez Nothing else, if you pick up a glove when someone has not called you for something, it will be, "he stressed.

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