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Horoscope that corresponds Monday, November 26, 2018


The wide edge to be able to rest after you've done your tasks in time and well. Family circuits may have some friction that should be corrected. Emotional help before a personal problem. Company.

The green moment forgets.

Singular day, with some psychic souls and downs, for certain sounds of silence with people who share the work area. Rationalizing emotions is not something that costs the mentality of bull fighting, at this time it is very appropriate to do so.

Moment: color on the beach.

He will know how to make decisions today with much conviction and certainty in his thoughts. Search for and find something new for your life projection. Emotional and affective achievements for positive situations in the family environment.

Moment: bronze.

A grueling day for small crabs, who, when busy and confused, can make things more complicated. Try to separate emotions from thoughts and continue without fear of being evil. Concentration and Criteria.

Moment: white.

Sun shining in the minds of some autonomous leonins, who manage to conclude long-term family situations. At the same time, try to feel the responsibilities that others have, to increase them.

Moment: light steel color.

Family problems cause certain complications. Try to release the responsibility to do everything or to hire yourself to wear what is called the stick. It is not necessary, let others even make mistakes.

Moment: chrome.

It is a day with clear and lucid minds to be able to analyze well the course to follow. There are dreams that are not fulfilled, but ideas that can work. The Hearts of the Librans have the opportunity to start again today.

Moment: fuchsia.

Travel to taste for Scorpions who are always attentive to the demands of others. They get certain points of view regarding the situations that should be corrected. Stable health with the need to go.

Moment: green forest.

Mixed feelings and the search for truth in the face of couple relationships. There is no need to enrich you with anger or emotional disturbance, dialogue is the way. Occasional encounters and distraction attention.

Moment: the color of corn.

You know that it is not always at work that we appreciate the great capacity that we have. We do not always have the right things, but we can always fight and have the expectations we deserve. Wisdom and understanding

Moment: turquoise.

It has a sense of uneasiness and anxiety that gives you a sui generis day with emotions and downs. Think it's not bad at times to sit, think and debate with yourself. The decisions and the freedom to be who you are.

Moment: indigo.

Try to rationalize that the burden of responsibilities does not have to overwhelm us. You know and act the extreme sensations, which only manage to confuse us and change the peace we all deserve. Be part of the silence.

Moment: amber.

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