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"I apologize to you for Argentina," said the woman who saved the life of the Swedish tourist – 04/01/2019

Ana Lía Ferrer (70) was at the place and place indicated and saved the life of Christoffer Persson (36). The Swedish tourist he blew after receiving a bullet destroyed the right femoral artery and descended from her apartment with a towel and practiced a tournament on the wound until the ambulance arrived. The victim has lost his leg, but the doctors from Argerich Hospital say that without his quick reaction would have died.

The woman, a 70-year-old psychologist who lives in Tacuarí in the 1940s, spoke with the media at the door of the hospital, where Christoffer is still in hospital recovering from the surgery he was amputated.

"I did not do a course, I think was more intuitive"Ana Lia said what it was like to apply tourists to tourists, adding that her first-aid knowledge is" very limited. " I had an experience seeing in a hospital where I was, but no more than that, "he admitted.

The assassin suffered by Christoffer, a Swedish system engineer, and his girlfriend, Maria Izzo, an Italian citizen, took place on Sunday at 23.20 in Tacuarí and Venezuela, when the couple went to San Telmo and stopped at Look at the cell map.

Christoffer Persson (36) and his wife, Maria Izzo.

Christoffer Persson (36) and his wife, Maria Izzo.

At that point, a Peugeot 208 gray, braked by their pair and the left rear door, emerged from a gunman who threatened Christoffer to steal the phone. The succession, which lasted for a few seconds, was captured by a security room where the tourist was seen trying to lower the weapon on the offender as they headed for him and the thief shot him in the foot. Then the striker returns to the car, in which there is at least one accomplice and escape.

Ana Lia was in the kitchen of the house and heard the shot. Also, his daughters who looked out the window and saw the hurt tourist. "When the conditions and coordinates were given that allowed them to be in the right moment and do what was good, with a towel I took out of the closet and ran awaythe psychologist said. "When I went down, there were two boys who were cycling and two or three people," he added.

With regard to first aid, Ana Lia said that "the towel was not as long as it was necessary." He added: "I gave him only two rounds and I stayed there," he said. "The man was losing a lot of blood, and when the ambulance came out, it was easy a square meter of blood completely on the sidewalk, "he reminded.

Once the same ambulance arrived at the scene, Ana Lia said they had "crossed" the injured person "by taking the towel, turnstile." "I told the doctor," he will catch up here, "he said," He added, "After he left, I looked and I had blood up here (on the body) and a feeling of squeezing, Anguish, pain and stress… ", he said.

Parents of tourists traveled from Sweden to accompany them in recovery. (SILVANA BOEMO)

Parents of tourists traveled from Sweden to accompany them in recovery. (SILVANA BOEMO)

In the days after the attack, Ana Lía went to the hospital to accompany Maria and the parents of Christoffer, Jorgen and Anita, who arrived on Thursday in Buenos Aires.

"Christoffer is fine." Now he was seated and said he was a little dizzy, but he says with a smile, a force and a force that someone is generating more guilt. I feel guilty as Argentina, because it's the truth. I have to say that. I apologized (to Christoffer), "Ana Lia said.

The woman who assisted the victim also spoke about the couple's reaction. "They say Buenos Aires has found a very nice place, they will continue to tell people they can come. That it could have happened here or anywhere else. Anyway. I'm ashamed, it hurts. I hope this sort of thing serves and sit down and think about what is happening to us. "

Finally, he said details of a conversation he had with Christoffer. "He is a system engineer and then he told me that it may be necessary to venture on what happened dedicated to make prostheses. It is very strong. I'm so excited. Undoubtedly, anyone who goes through such a situation needs support, "he said.

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